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    "Ben Chavis, the most politically incorrect person on the planet, is also, not coincidentally, one of the people most correct about inner-city education. Read this book by a man who gets results as a practitioner of the 'no excuses' approach to schooling."
    - George F. Will, The Washington Post columnist

    "…[T]here is much to be learned from this account. It is possible to restore public education to its mission of educating the nation's citizens. There is a message of hope and possibility in 'Crazy Like a Fox' that we should embrace."
    - Mitchell Kapor, The San Francisco Chronicle

    "Chavis [is] undeniably one of the country's finest educators…Thrust this book into the hands of all the parents you know and implore them to read it…Chavis is passionate, articulate, and entertaining. He's also right."
    - Mark Hemingway, National Review

    "American Indian [is] a rarity in American education, defying the axiom that poor black and Latino children will lag behind others in school."
    - Mitchell Landsberg, Los Angeles Times

    "To get the kind of results Chavis does in Oakland is a work of stripped-down genius. Ben's book reads like Ben talks: forthright, funny, irreverent, and wise. For anyone who cares about American education, for anyone who cares about America, Crazy Like a Fox is an essential read."
    - Jack Cashill, author What's the Matter with California?

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    Poverty is no excuse

    Regent Angus Davis, who helped to recruit State Education Commissioner Deborah A. Gist from Washington, D.C., came to Gist’s defense among the heat she and Frances Gallo were taking for their decision to fire all the staff at Central Falls High School in Rhode Island. (See my earlier post for the full story.) Davis’s words […]

    “Feeding Stray Animals”

    Here’s one way to get media attention. Run for government office and refer to poor people as “stray animals.” What state in the nation could this political hopeful possibly spring from? South Carolina is a good guess. South Carolina’s Lt. Governor Andre Bauer, who hopes to replace the missing-in-action, weeping lover of Argentine women, Mr. […]

    Included in Education World’s “Best of 2009″

    Education World just did a School Issues “Best of 2009″, which featured “Principal’s Tough Stand Turns School Around” about Dr. Chavis and American Indian Public Charter School. They posted an interview with Dr. Ben Chavis about his experiences in turning around AIPCS and his educational beliefs. They also included book images of Crazy Like a […]