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    "Ben Chavis, the most politically incorrect person on the planet, is also, not coincidentally, one of the people most correct about inner-city education. Read this book by a man who gets results as a practitioner of the 'no excuses' approach to schooling."
    - George F. Will, The Washington Post columnist

    "…[T]here is much to be learned from this account. It is possible to restore public education to its mission of educating the nation's citizens. There is a message of hope and possibility in 'Crazy Like a Fox' that we should embrace."
    - Mitchell Kapor, The San Francisco Chronicle

    "Chavis [is] undeniably one of the country's finest educators…Thrust this book into the hands of all the parents you know and implore them to read it…Chavis is passionate, articulate, and entertaining. He's also right."
    - Mark Hemingway, National Review

    "American Indian [is] a rarity in American education, defying the axiom that poor black and Latino children will lag behind others in school."
    - Mitchell Landsberg, Los Angeles Times

    "To get the kind of results Chavis does in Oakland is a work of stripped-down genius. Ben's book reads like Ben talks: forthright, funny, irreverent, and wise. For anyone who cares about American education, for anyone who cares about America, Crazy Like a Fox is an essential read."
    - Jack Cashill, author What's the Matter with California?

    Archive for 'Events'

    Video Footage of Ben Chavis on Stossel

    If you missed Ben on “Stossel” last week or just want to watch it again, here are a couple of links to segments of the show that I found on YouTube: Ben with John Stossel & Andrew Coulson of the Cato Institute Ben and Coulson debate a NYC school board member

    Ben on MSNBC Sunday, Sept. 26

    Dr. Ben Chavis will appear on MSNBC Sunday, September 26, during the 11:30 AM EST news block! Tune in! His interview will be part of MSNBC’s Education Nation, a special about improving the American education system. Hopefully this time around, MSNBC won’t misidentify him as the black Ben Chavis who once ran the NAACP! MSNBC […]

    Dr. Chavis to Appear on “Stossel” on Fox Business News

    I am very excited that Dr. Ben Chavis will be on Fox Business News’ “Stossel” this Thursday, September 16, at 9 PM EST and again at midnight EST. Re-run schedules can be found on FBN’s website. Michelle Rhee will also be on the show. I am looking forward to watching the taping on Wednesday in […]

    Book Signing, Borrego Springs

    The book signing at The House of Borrego Springs went great! With many current and former educators in the audience, the pre-signing discussion was lively and engaging. Thanks to all of you who attended and to Elizabeth Rodriguez, shown with me below, for hosting the event.

    Warwick’s Book Signing, La Jolla

    The book signing at Warwick’s in La Jolla went splendidly. We started off with a packed pre-party at Burgundy Grill & Wine Bar before heading over to Warwick’s. Unfortunately, Ben was sick and could not make it down from Oakland. Warwick’s sold all 45 of its copies, and there were over 70 people in the […]

    Hello, and welcome to my blog

    I have never been so self-promotional in my life and am beginning to wonder if I should be banished to a monastery for all my effusive urgings to buy the book, attend a signing, etc. etc. Or perhaps this year on Christmas I’ll get coal in my stocking. One friend wrote to me recently, “No […]